Wednesday, July 8, 2009

கதை மலர் - ஒரு அறிமுகம் (KATHAI MALAR - AN INTRO)

Hello friends, after a gap chitrakathai provides a new post on Tamil comics.

Kathai malar – An introduction:
KATHAI MALAR is series of books published by Ramakrishna math, Mylapore chennai. Totally 22 books have come under this series. Out of that 16 books are duel color and 5 books are in full color.

Each book contains 8 ~ 10 comic formatted stories and each story contains 4 ~ 6 pages. All stories are prepared based on Hindhu religious stories. Mostly from Ramayana, Mahabaratha, Sivapuranam etc (There are some stories which tells about Sri Vivekanatha and his Guru Ramakrishna)

Mr.R.V have done editing work for the most of stories. Some others too have done editing for some stories. Those who are not interested in religious stories also can enjoy Kathaimalar for its art work and presentation.
All stories are provided with a high quality art work by different artists. 80 % stories are illustrated by artist Shanker. It is hard to see such a high quality art work in Tamil comics production. Thanks to Mr. Shanker and Ramakrishna math.
Shanker’s Drawing style is very unique in Tamil comics. Cool and eye catching pictures. I didn't get further informtion about this artist. Comics friends if you have any, kindly share.

Inner page scan :

Full Color Issues:

Tamil language used here also gives pleasant experience to us. But they have used more Sanskrit words which they would have avoided.
The same series has been translated into English, Telungu, Malayalam, Bengali.
The books are still in printing. You can purchase from Ramakrishna math, Mylapore chennai or use the link. . Duel colored books are priced Rs.20 and colored books are priced Rs.35. Paper quality also good.
Friends my opinion is KathaiMalar is worth collecting and reading if you love Tamil comics.

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