Monday, December 22, 2008


Recently I was happened to see a new Tamil comics in market with the brand name of JUNIOR DIMOND.

It is a 32 page issue with the size of less than A4. It is featured by ROADSIDE ROMEO’s three stories. You may aware that one Hindhi animated filim also released for the same hero.
Cost of the book is Rs.40/- which I feel costly for just 32 pages.
“Road side Romeo” is a Gang leader of 3 dogs and one cat those who resident at Mumbai. All the three stories are about their looties. Quality of the art work is good and script also ok. Storyline will attract kids. Translation & value for money? – no comments.
Find some the inner pages of the issue.

The stories are produced by Yashraj Films Pvt limited with the partnership with Disney as they mentioned. (It is our domestic creation)
As they advertised the same issue is available in English, Hindhi, Marathi, Telugu, Gujarati, Oriya and Kannada. Last page for you.

I brought this issue on 2nd week of December at Thrichy . There is no information about date of release and number of issue. But, you can see a advertisement for Oct’08 issue. I have no idea about how many issues came under this brand. Even the shop keeper also have no idea.At the same shop English version also was available with big size.
These kind of publishers are well established and having corporate background. But still they couldn’t make a impact on Tamil comics industry. I think lack of love on Tamil language should be the reason for poor scoring in their attempt.
Kindly add your comments on this topic